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Saturday, February 4, 2023

My First Day at School Essay In English For Students - PDF

Hello my students in this page we will learn that how to write My First Day At School Essay In English or Essay on My First Day At School. (250 Words)

My First Day At School.

My first day of school was both exciting and stressful. I was looking forward to meeting my new classmates and teachers but at the same time I was worried about joining in and making new friends.
My first Day of School Essay In English, English Essay on My first Day of School
As soon as I went to my class, I was greeted by my teacher who introduced herself and welcomed me to the school. I quickly looked around the room and saw some familiar faces from my neighborhood. I felt a little better seeing some familiar faces and knew I would have a great time at this school. I was fully prepared to read/study in class. I was introduced to many new subjects in the classroom including Math, Science, Sociology, Hindi and English.

One of the highlights of my first day was lunch. I was excited to try the school's cafeteria food and see what the other students were eating. After that I sat and talked with the boys and girls of the class. We talked about our favorite subjects, hobbies and our interests. I made many new friends that day.

As soon as school ended, I could not believe that school time was over. But I knew that my first day at this school was only the beginning of a great journey.

All in all, my first day at school was a memorable experience which I will never forget. I am so excited to learn and grow in this school. I'm also very excited to make many new friends in the days and months ahead.
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