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Sunday, August 27, 2023

10 Lines on Nation First Always First In English - Free PDF

Hello everyone in this post we will write 10 Lines on Nation First Always First In English - Free PDF.
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10 Lines on Nation First Always First

1) "Nation First, Always First" means giving priority to the country.

2) This principle encourages citizens to put the collective interest of their nation before individual interests.

3) It aims to promote the feeling of national pride and patriotism in India.

4) By following "Nation First, Always First" we can work towards achieving economic prosperity of the country.

5) By following "Nation First, Always First" work can be done towards achieving social harmony.

6) "Nation First, Always First" involves taking decisions that contribute to the overall growth, development and security of the country.

7) "Nation First, Always First" underlines the importance of unity and solidarity among citizens.

8) "Nation First, Always First" encourages the promotion of democratic values.

9) "Nation First, Always First" is associated with strong leadership which puts the welfare of the nation at the forefront of decision making.

10) By adopting the principle of “Nation First, Always First”, India can become the strongest nation in the world.
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