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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Speech on World Population Day In English 2023 - 11 July - Free PDF

Hello everyone in this post we will write Speech on World Population Day In English 2023 - 11 July.

Speech on World Population Day

Good morning to the honorable chief guest, principal, teachers and my dear friends. I welcome all of you to the World Population Day celebrations. I want to say a few words on this important occasion. I hope you will try to implement my words in your life.

This is an important and serious issue that all of us should consider. The purpose of World Population Day is to make us aware about the problems of population and to inspire people to find their solutions.
Picture: World Population Day
The world population is increasing rapidly and it is a matter of concern. The expansion of our population is putting pressure on the environment, resources, health and other social issues. If we do not control it, it can become a big problem for the world.

Today, the theme of World Population Day is "Balance of population for safe and healthy life". We need to manage our resources properly and ensure that our environment is balanced with our population. We should make people aware about the importance of population family planning and provide them access to appropriate resources and facilities.

We need to increase education and awareness so that people understand the importance of population control and dispel myths related to population. At the same time, we need to empower women and provide them with qualification, moral and economic support so that they can take their own life decisions.

We have to adopt social, economic and policy measures for population control. Government, organizations and communities have to work together so that the population problem can be solved. Also we should help the poor and socially backward communities so that they too can get strategic and economic support for population control.

Friends, we have a responsibility to understand and solve the problem of world population. We have to work together so that we can all live in a healthy, safe and prosperous world. On the occasion of World Population Day, we need to focus on this critical issue and play an active role in finding a solution to the problem with our contribution.

Thank you.
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