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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Speech on World Day For International Justice - International Justice Day - 17 July - Free PDF

Hello everyone we will write Speech on Speech on World Day For International Justice In English 2023 - 17 July.

Speech on World Day For International Justice Day

Good morning to the honorable chief guest, principal, teachers and my dear friends. Today we all have gathered here to talk about International Justice Day. I would like to say a few words on this important occasion. This day reminds us that all people need justice. This day inspires us to understand that we all need to build a strong and just society.
Picture: International Justice Day
The main purpose of International Justice Day is to remind us what is our role in the fight against conflict and tyranny. This day inspires us to move towards an equal and just society. Attainment of justice is an important value which establishes peace, harmony and strategy in the society.

This day reminds us that we need to rise against tyranny and injustice. We should see ourselves as a sensitive citizen who demands justice in the society. We should be proactive to fulfill our personal and social responsibilities and show courage in unfortunate situations.

We have seen that there has been an increase in the incidents of injustice and protests in various regions around the world. By celebrating this day, we should raise our voice and spread the awareness of justice by standing in our place.

This day inspires us to dedicate ourselves to all those people who are fighting for their justice.

I appeal to you to understand and recognize the importance of International Justice Day. We must unite to move towards a just society where all people have equal opportunity and justice.

Thank you.
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