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Friday, July 21, 2023

Essay on World Hepatitis Day In English - 28 July

Hello everyone in this post we will Essay on World Hepatitis Day in English Language. (200 Words)

Essay on World Hepatitis Day

Introduction: World Hepatitis Day is observed every year on 28 July. This day was established by the World Health Organization. The day provides an important opportunity to raise awareness about hepatitis infection and educate people on preventive measures. Hepatitis is a serious disease, which can be treated and prevented in time.
Picture: Hepatitis

What is Hepatitis: Hepatitis is a life-threatening viral infection that primarily affects the liver. There are 5 main hepatitis viruses, called types A, B, C, D and E. These diseases can cause kidney and liver problems, which can be serious and can be fatal at times.

Importance and Purpose of World Hepatitis Day: The purpose of World Hepatitis Day is to create awareness about hepatitis among the people so that this disease can be dealt with in time by correct diagnosis, proper treatment and proper control.

Events: World Hepatitis Day is observed by various institutions, government departments, NGOs and voluntary organizations through various programs and awareness campaigns. Under this day, people are educated about the symptoms, types, treatment and prevention of hepatitis infection.

Conclusion: World Hepatitis Day highlights the importance of timely treatment and prevention by raising awareness among people around the world about hepatitis infection. It is an important day that encourages people to fight together against hepatitis. Everyone should be aware to avoid this disease and get the right treatment.
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