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Friday, July 14, 2023

Essay on World Day For International Justice - International Justice Day 2023 - 17 July - Free PDF

Hello everyone in this post we will write Essay on World Day For International Justice - International Justice Day - International Criminal Justice Day. (250 Words)

World Day for International Justice

Introduction: International Justice Day is celebrated every year on 17th July in all the countries of the world. This day is celebrated to promote international justice, human rights and accountability. This day is also called International Criminal Justice Day.
Picture: International Justice Day
Importance of International Justice Day: International Justice Day plays an important role in maintaining peace, security and stability around the world. It seeks to hold accountable those responsible for grave violations of human rights, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Prevents future crimes by prosecuting and punishing criminals. Provides justice to the victims. The day contributes to reconciliation in societies affected by conflict and violence.

Addressing human rights violations: Human rights violations such as torture, killings, kidnapping and discrimination undermine the basic structure of society. It destroys the principles of justice and equality. International Justice Day serves as a platform to emphasize the importance of respecting and protecting human rights globally.

Preventing impunity: Impunity perpetuates the lack of accountability for crimes and the cycle of violence. Impunity undermines the rule of law. International Justice Day calls for an end to impunity by strengthening the need for domestic and international judicial systems.

Conclusion: International Justice Day is an occasion to reflect on the importance of promoting human rights and international justice. It reminds us of the importance of upholding the rule of law, prosecuting criminals and providing justice to victims. We can contribute to building a more just and compassionate world by strengthening the international justice system, addressing human rights violations and preventing impunity.
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