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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Essay on Nelson Mandela Day In English - 18 July

Hello y students we will write Essay on Nelson Mandela Day In English - 18 July.

Nelson Mandela Day (200 WOrds)

Introduction: Nelson Mandela Day is observed every year on 18th July. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Nelson Mandela. The main objective of Nelson Mandela Day is to promote humanity, justice and equality. The day is celebrated to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela.
Picture: Nelson Mandela
Declaration: The celebration of Nelson Mandela Day was announced by the United Nations. It was announced to celebrate this day in 2009.

Contribution: Nelson Mandela Day is considered a day to honor the invaluable contribution of "Nelson Mandela". He was a prominent leader and social worker of South Africa. He struggled throughout his life against oppression. He made immense sacrifices so that people could get freedom, equality and justice. His dedication and inspiration of non-violence continues to influence people around the world.

Importance: The importance of Nelson Mandela Day is that it reminds us of the importance of social service. Nelson Mandela was a world leader who fought for freedom, equality and justice. We should be motivated to help the people around us. On this day we should be involved in various social service works. Nelson Mandela Day reminds us that we all have a unique power and the ability to make a positive difference in our societies.

Conclusion: Nelson Mandela Day is an important day to promote humanity, justice and equality. We should be inspired by the example of Nelson Mandela's life and understand the importance of social service. On the occasion of Nelson Mandela Day, we should make social service a priority. We should work unitedly to bring a positive change in the society and adopt the thoughts of Nelson Mandela in our lives.
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