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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

10 Lines Speech on World Population Day In English - 11 July

Hello everyone we will write 10 Lines Speech on World Population Day In English - 11 July.
Picture: World Population Day

10 Lines Speech on World Population Day 2023

1) Good morning to the principal, teachers and my dear friends.

2) Today on World Population Day, we have gathered to address the global population.

3) The world population is increasing continuously with each passing year.

4) This is putting a significant strain on our resources and the environment.

5) So we should be aware about the importance of population management.

6) We should understand that balanced population is very essential for humans and earth.

7) Population management is necessary for education, employment and health care.

8) People should take informed decisions about family planning.

9) Apart from this, we should promote the rights of gender equality.

10) On this day together, we can work towards implementing such policies. Thank you!
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