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Sunday, July 9, 2023

10 Lines on Nelson Mandela Day - 18 July

Hello everyone we will write 10 Lines on Nelson Mandela Day In English Language.
Picture: Nelson Mandela

10 Lines on Nelson Mandela Day

1) Nelson Mandela Day is observed every year on 18 July.

2) Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated on the birthday of "Nelson Mandela".

3) The celebration of Nelson Mandela Day was announced by the United Nations in 2009.

4) The day is celebrated to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

5) Nelson Mandela was the former President of South Africa and an anti-apartheid activist.

6) Nelson Mandela spent most of his life "27 years" in prison.

7) Nelson Mandela fought for social justice for 67 years.

8) The day encourages people to dedicate 67 minutes to contribute to a better society.

9) The purpose of this day is to promote the culture of service and volunteerism.

10) This day makes people aware to root out racism and inequality.
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