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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Essay on My Father In English - PDF

Hello everyone in this post we will write Essay on My Father In 250 Words.

My Father

My father is the best father in the world. His name is .................... My father is a successful businessman. My father is very punctual. He does his work with full dedication and honesty. My father is a very humble and calm person. He always respects people and always helps the needy person. Every person in the society respects him very much.
Picture: Father
My father takes great care of all my happiness. My father takes very good care of me, my mother, my siblings and my grandparents. He fulfills all the needs of the house. My father never lets anything be a problem in the house.

Whenever I am disappointed or I am not able to get good marks in exam then my father does not get angry with me but explains and encourage me so that I can get good marks in next exam. My father is also very strict about discipline. He also scolds me when I make mistakes and give proper guidance. He always helps me in my school studies. He always shows me the right path and always advises me to follow the path of truth.

I have learned from my father to always speak the truth and help the needy person. He always tells me the value of time that if someone wastes his time, he destroys his/own life. That's why I always follow the instructions given by him on time. I am proud of my father and I will always try to be like my father by following the footsteps shown by him.
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