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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

10 Lines on vegetables In English For School Students - PDF

Hello everyone we will write 10 Lines On Vegetables In English - Few Lines About Vegetables In English Language.
10 Lines on vegetables
Picture: Vegetables

10 Lines on Vegetables

1) Vegetables are the most important part of food.

2) Vegetables are often eaten well cooked.

3) Vegetables contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber etc.

4) Name of Vegetables: Potato, brinjal, tomato, onion, greens etc.

5) Some vegetables are also eaten in the form of salad like: radish and carrot.

6) Vegetables are low in calories and fat, which is important for good health.

7) Some vegetables like leafy greens strengthen bones and teeth.

8) Many diseases can be avoided by eating vegetables daily.

9) Vegetables increase the body's immune system.

10) Doctors always recommend eating green vegetables.
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