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Friday, February 3, 2023

Essay on My School Garden In English - My School Garden Essay - PDF

Hello my students we will learn that how to write Essay on My School Garden In English - My School Garden Essay. (200 Words)

My School Garden

My school has a beautiful garden that is a source of joy and inspiration for all the students, teachers and staff. The garden is located on the school grounds and is easily accessible to everyone.
Essay on My School Garden In English, My School Garden Essay
Picture: Garden
The school garden is a mix of different types of plants, flowers and trees. The main attraction of the garden is the colorful flower beds. The flower bed has flowers of rose, marigold and sunflower which bloom in different seasons. The fragrance of flowers spreads in the air and makes the atmosphere peaceful.

There are also many types of trees in the garden like mango, guava, papaya etc. In lunch time, all of us students pluck fruits from the trees and eat them.

There is also a small pond in the garden where different types of fish and aquatic plants are kept. This pond serves as a source of entertainment and education for all of us students. There we learn about different types of fish, their habitats and how to care for them.

In conclusion, my school garden is an integral part of the school and serves as a source of inspiration and learning for all the students, teachers and staff. It is a place where students can relax, learn and appreciate nature.
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  1. My school garden is not just a space filled with plants and vegetables. It is a learning space that helps us connect with nature, learn about the environment, and appreciate the effort that goes into growing the food we eat. It is a space where we can relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of nature.