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Friday, February 24, 2023

10 Lines on Jalaluddin Khilji In English - Jalal-Ud-Din Khilji

Hello everyone we will learn that how to 10 Lines on Jalaluddin Khilji In English - Jalal-Ud-Din Khilji.

10 Lines on Jalaluddin Khilji

1) Jalal-ud-din Khilji was a ruler of the Mughal Empire.

2) Jalaluddin Khilji was the founder of 'Khilji dynasty'.

3) Jalaluddin Khilji was born on 14th October 1220 in Afghanistan.

4) Jalaluddin Khilji was also known as "Firuz-Al-Din Khilji".

5) Jalaluddin Khilji started his life as a soldier.

6) Jalaluddin Khilji became the Sultan of Delhi at the age of 70.

7) Jalaluddin Khilji was the 1st Sultan of the Delhi.

8) Jalaluddin Khilji's rule was based on benevolent despotism.

9) Jalaluddin was known to the general public as a humble and kind emperor.

10) Jalaluddin Khilji was assassinated by Alauddin Khilji on 19 July 1296.
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