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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Essay on Wild Animals In English For Students

Hello my friends we will learn that how to write Essay on Wild Animals In English For Students.

Wild Animal (250 Words)

Introduction: The animals that live in forests and mountains away from human settlements are called wild animals. Carnivorous, vegetarian and omnivorous all three types of wild animals reside in the forest.
Picture: Wild Animals
Names of wild carnivorous animals: Lion, tiger, cheetah, bear, fox etc. These are those animals, who live their lives by eating other animals.

Names of wild herbivorous/vegetarian animals: Elephant, Giraffe, Deer, Zebra, reindeer, kangaroo etc. These are those animals, who live their life by eating leaves and grass of trees and plants.

Names of wild omnivorous animals: Bear, chimpanzee, boar, raccoon etc. These animals lead their life by eating meat and vegetation.

Forest benefits from wild animals: Wild animals enhance the beauty of forest and earth. Wildlife plays a major role in protecting forests and keeping the environment balanced.

Humans benefit from wild animals: There are many benefits to humans from wild animals. Every person cannot go to the forest to see wild animals, so some wild animals are kept in zoos, so that they can see wild animals closely. The treasury of the government also increases with zoos. Apart from this, wild animals are also used to entertain people in circuses for earning.

Conclusion: Wild animals are very important in forest and our life. Wild animals play an important role in balancing the forest environment and protecting the forest. People keep wild animals in zoos and circuses to take advantage of wild animals, which is very wrong. The real home of wild animals is their forest and they should be left there.
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