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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Essay on Christmas In English For School Students

Hello my students in this page we will learn that how to write Essay on Christmas In English For School Students.

Essay on Christmas (250 Words))

Introduction: Christmas is the main festival of Christians, which is celebrated by the Christian community in the winter season. People of Christian community celebrated this festival with great pomp and joy. This festival is celebrated on 25th December every year. On this day the Lord Jesus Christ was born, who we also known as the Isa Masih. The Christian wait eagerly for this day.
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Picture: Christmas 
How is Celebrated Christmas Day: People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and a variety of preparation and decorations. All people decorate their homes and churches. Everyone has a Christmas tree in their homes and is decorated with colorful stars. At 12 at night, people go to the church for prayer. After that the Christmas festival begins. All Christian followers greet each other on Christmas Day and feed them sweets. Children eagerly wait for this festival because Santa Claus Comes on Christmas Day, who gives a lot of gifts to children. Children become very happy to see Santa Claus.

Christmas Holidays: On this festival all take advantage of a cultural holiday because on this day all government school, colleges, universities and offices are on holiday, so that this festival can be celebrated with fanfare. But despite being a holiday in many places in this festival, Christmas Day is celebrated with great pomp like schools, colleges, universities and offices etc.

Conclusion: This festival gives a message of holiness to millions of followers of Jesus Christ around the world and motivates them to follow the path and high standards established by them. This festival also inspires us to walk on the path of truth and goodwill.
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