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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Essay on Domestic Animal In English | Domestic Animal Essay - 200 Words

Hello, my friends we will learn that how to write Essay on Domestic Animal In English Language or Domestic Animal Essay

Domestic Animal (200 Words)

Introduction: The animals that are kept by humans are called domestic/domesticated animals. Domestic animals are very useful to humans.
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Picture: Domestic Animals
Names of Domestic Animals: Cow, bull, buffalo, goat, horse, camel, donkey, sheep, dog, cat etc. are the names of major domestic animals.

Benefits of Domestic Animal: There are many benefits to humans by keeping Domestic animals. For example: We get milk from cow, female buffalo, goat and many types of sweets are made from their milk. Bulls, buffaloes, horses, camels and donkeys are used for riding and carrying goods. Cows, bulls and buffaloes help in farming. The dog guards the house. Domestic animals are also reared for their meat. Many other types of domesticated animals are raised for profit.

Importance of Domestic Animal: Domestic animals have a lot of importance in our lives. Humans have been keeping some animals since time immemorial, because humans get many benefits from domesticated animals. Domestic animals do a lot of work for us and they are very devoted to their owners.

Conclusion: Domestic animals are an important part of our life. Animals are very important and useful to humans. Different types of domesticated animals are bred in all the countries of the world to take advantage of domesticated animals.
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