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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Essay on Electrician In English - About Electrician

Hello my students, we will learn that how to write Essay on Electrician In English Language.

Electrician (200 Words)

Introduction: The person who manufactures and repairs electric machines is called electrician. They have the skills to troubleshoot wiring problems.
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Picture: Electrician
Work of Electrician: The job of an electrician is to repair all electrical appliances and machines, such as: fixing and repairing fans, coolers, fridges, washing machines, TV, etc. Electricians work in house, office, theater, aircraft etc. They have special types of tools to do electrical work.

Importance of Electrician: An electrician has a lot of importance in our life. If there is any problem related to electricity in the house, then we call an electrician in the house to fix or repair the electricity. It is the responsibility of an electrician to provide electricity to the entire city or to fix or repair the electricity.

How to become an electrician: The course of electrician can be done only after class 10th. For this one has to do electrician course from ITI institute. Anyone can become an electrician by learning to work with experienced electricians during the course.

Conclusion: Electrician is a very important person in our society or country. Only an electrician can fix all the problems related to electricity. That's why we should all treat electricians with respect and thank them.
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