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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Essay on Postman In English - The Postman Essay In English

Hello everyone we will learn that how to write that Essay on Postman In English - The Postman Essay In English.
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The Postman

Introduction: A postman is a government employee. He works in the Department of Postal Services, commonly known as the Post Office. He delivers letters, parcels and money orders to people by bicycle to their homes and offices.

Uniform: The postman always wears khaki uniform and khaki cap. He always carries a bag with him in which he keeps letters, parcels and money orders.

Qualification: The minimum education for postman job is matriculation. He should have good knowledge of English, Hindi and Urdu. He should also be a citizen of India to get a postman job.

Job/work: Postman is a very useful and hardworking person. He goes to the post office everyday and sorts letters, parcels and money orders. After that he goes to his area and distributes letters, parcels and money orders. He works every day whether it is summer, rain or winter.

Salary/Earning: The job of a postman is very tough but still the postman gets a low salary. The government should think about increasing their salary so that they can run their household easily.
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