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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Essay on Police -Policeman In English

Hello everyone, we will learn that how to write Essay on Police -Policeman in English Language.

The Police/The Policeman (250 Words)

Introduction: Police is one of the most important departments under the Ministry of Home Ministry. Police is the protector/saviour of society. He is also the protector/saviour of the law. Police always plays a very important role in maintaining peace and law and order in society, state and city. Whoever breaks the law of the country, the police arrest him. The duty of the police is 24 hours/round the clock and they have to be active and alert at all times.
Picture: Police
Uniform: The police wear a khaki shirt, pants and a cap on the head. The police wear a belt around the waist. He also carries a gun near/with the belt in the waist.

Qualification: The State Government of India keeps on recruiting Police Constable from time to time. To become a police officer, it is necessary to have 12th pass because only 12th pass can fill the form of police constable and can become a police officer by taking training.

Work: There are many types of functions of the police such as: maintaining peace in the society, preventing the increasing crime, protecting politicians, preventing eve-teasing, handling processions, protecting the property of the country, catching thieves and dacoits, settling domestic disputes, provide security to the general public in festivals, prevent riots, stop heinous crimes like hooliganism, corruption and rape etc. and take strict action against the guilty/culprits.

Conclusion: Police is the protector/saviour of law and society. Society cannot remain safe without police administration, so it is very important to have police administration to restore peace in every city, state and village of the country.
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