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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Essay on milkman In English - The Milkman Essay In English

Hello everyone, we will learn that how to write Essay on milkman In English - The Milkman Essay In English.

The Milkman

Introduction: A milkman is a person who does the work of selling milk by extracting milk from cows and buffaloes every day. He also does the work of delivering milk to the people every morning.
Picture: Milkman
Uniform: He wears a mostly white dhoti and vest. He ties a small towel on his head.

Qualification: Anyone can become a milkman. In today's time, the business of selling milk can be done from illiterate person to people who have got good education.

Job/Work: Milkman is a very hardworking person. He gets up early every morning and collects milk from the cow and buffalo tied in his khatal. After extracting milk, he goes to everyone's house every morning to give milk by motorcycle or bicycle.

Salary/Earning: In today's time, a milkman earns very well by selling milk. He runs his house by selling milk. Selling milk is also a good business in the present time.
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