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Monday, September 5, 2022

Essay on International Literacy Day In English 2023 - World Literacy Day

Hello everyone, we will learn that how to write Essay on International Literacy Day In English 2023.

International Literacy Day (400 Words)

Introduction: "International Literacy Day" is celebrated every year on 8 September all over the world. On 17 November 1965, "UNESCO" had announced to celebrate 8th September as "International Literacy Day". The first "International Literacy Day" was celebrated on 8th September 1967. This day is celebrated to make all the people of the world aware about the importance of education.
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Picture: International Literacy Day
Importance and Purpose of International Literacy Day: The biggest objective/purpose of celebrating this day is to educate people from all sections of the society and spread awareness about the importance of education, so that everyone can be made aware of education. The purpose of celebrating this day is to motivate every child to study in school. In today's time, it is very important for everyone to be educated to make a living. International Literacy Day plays a very important role in spreading awareness about education in our lives.

Why it is necessary to be literate: The root of most social problems is illiteracy. Illiteracy is like darkness, because an illiterate person cannot think or do good for himself, then what will he be able to contribute towards the development of the nation and the family. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to be literate/educated.

International Literacy Day Program: Many institutions, schools and colleges organize cultural programs on this day, in which teachers, chief guests and students all participate together. Teachers give important information and speech to the students about the importance of International Literacy Day. Competitions for writing, lecture, speech, poetry, sports, essay, painting and song are organized in schools and colleges. Prizes are also given to the winning student in this competition.

Government or non-government organizations donate copies, books and essential things for the education of children. Some organizations open new schools so that poor children can get free education and help them in their studies. On this day, such institutions are also rewarded by the government.

News is broadcast on this important day by the news channel. People are made aware through the medium of TV about the importance of education. Programs are shown on all the problems and solutions related to International Literacy Day.

Conclusion: It is meaningless to imagine a good life without education. He is neither able to use his democratic rights nor can he use proper facilities. Therefore, in today's time, it is very important for everyone to be educated to move forward in life and develop the country, because education is the key to success.
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