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Saturday, September 10, 2022

Essay on Farmer For Students In English

Hello everyone, we will learn that how to write Essay on Farmer In English/The Farmer Essay In English

The Farmer

Introduction: The importance of farmer is very high all over the world. The farmer is called “Annadata”, because he plows the land and grows food to eat. Farmer is the most respected person for any country.
Picture: The Farmer
Work: The life of a farmer is very difficult. The farmer works hard to grow the crop. The farmer works in the field with his cows and oxen from morning till evening, regardless of the harsh weather. Whether it the winter season, the summer season or the rainy season, the farmer grows crops in the fields with his hard work and satisfies the hunger of the people. He also takes care of his crop day and night so that the crop does not get wasted.

What is the importance of farmer in our life: Farmer has a lot of importance in our life. Our life is not possible without farmer. The farmer arranges food for our life. If there are no farmers in the country, people will die of hunger. So It is very difficult to imagine life without farmer.

Farmer's Problem: The biggest problem of the farmer is that he does not get a fair price for his produce. Many times the farmer is unable to till the crop due to lack of capital. If the crop gets damaged due to bad weather, then the farmer goes into debt due to not getting proper compensation from the government. Many farmers are forced to commit suicide due to being in debt.

Farmer's problem solution: The solution to the problem of the farmers is that they should get a fair price for their crop, they should get compensation if the crop is damaged, they should be taught modern methods of farming, the loan of the farmers should be waived after seeing their condition.

Conclusion: Rich or poor, king or industrialist, everyone's life depends on the hard work of the farmer. Without farmers, life on earth would not be possible. The farmer grows crops for the people by working in the field day and night only to feed the people, so everyone should respect the farmer.
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