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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Essay on Doctor In English For Students - The Doctor Essay

Hello everyone, we will learn that how to write Essay on Doctor In English - The Doctor Essay In English Language.

The Doctor

Introduction: Doctors are ranked among the highest in the whole world. The doctor is also called the second form of God, because the doctor treats the patient and gives him a new life. Our life is incomplete without doctors. Doctor profession is considered one of the best professions.
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Picture: Doctor
Uniform: Doctors in uniform wear a white colored coat, which is called an apron. The doctor always keeps a stethoscope around his neck.

Types of Doctors: There are different doctors for every disease, name of some doctors:

1) General Physician: To cure cold, cough, fever.

2) Dentist: To cure dental disease.

3) Eye Specialist: To cure eye disease.

4) Otolaryngologist: To cure diseases of ear, nose and throat.

5) Cardiologist: To cure diseases related to heart.

6) Dermatologist: To cure skin diseases.

7) Neurologist: To cure diseases related to nervous system.

8) Radiologist: Specialist in X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound.

9) Orthopedic Surgeon: To cure Orthopedic diseases.

10) Plastic Surgeon: To reconstruct the damaged part like: face.

Importance: The importance of a doctor is very important in our life, because if we have any disease, then first of all we go to the doctor for our treatment. Without a doctor, treatment is not possible. The doctor gives new life to the patient, so the doctor is called the second form of God on earth.

Conclusion: Health is very important in human life. If a person has physical, mental problems, then the patient first goes to the doctor. Doctors are experts in all the problems of the body. Hence the doctor is considered as an integral part of the society. The doctor is also called the savior of the entire human race. We should always respect the doctor.
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