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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Essay on Soil Pollution - Land Pollution In English For Students - 250 Words

Hello everyone we will learn that how to write Essay on Soil Pollution In English For Students - 250 Words.

Essay on Soil Pollution/Land Pollution
(250 Words)

Introduction:- Any such unwanted change in the physical, chemical or biological properties of the land which destroys the natural quality and utility of the land is called land/soil pollution. At present, soil pollution has become a major problem for humans and animals. Soil pollution is very harmful for everyone's health.
Picture: Soil Pollution

Causes and sources of soil pollution:-
1) Excessive pesticide use in agriculture.
2) Throwing industrial waste in the ground.
3) Throwing household waste in the ground.
4) Throwing plastic in the ground.
5) Fire in agricultural land and forest.
6) Having a nuclear test.
7) Acid rain.
8) Deforestation.
9) The rotting of a dead animal in the ground.
10) Throwing waste in the land by conducting chemical tests in laboratories.

Effects of Soil Pollution:-
1) Decreasing soil fertility.
2) Lack of good crop yield.
3) Barren land.
4) Depletion of cultivable land.
5) Deterioration of human health.
6) Having a bad effect on the life of animals and birds.

How to stop soil pollution:-
1) The use of insecticides should be reduced/stopped.
2) Mixing of factory waste into the ground should be stopped.
3) Avoid using poly bags and plastic items.
4) Use paper or cloth bags.
5) Awareness campaign should be run/conducted from time to time to stop soil pollution.

Conclusion:- Humans, animals and birds have equal rights on the natural resources of the earth. If the land continues to be polluted, the life of man and animal will become unbalanced. To live a healthy and happy life, we should make every effort to remove soil pollution. We must follow the laws and rules made by the government. Soil pollution can be eradicated/stopped from the root with everyone's cooperation.
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