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Friday, August 19, 2022

Essay on Noise Pollution In English For School Students

Hello everyone we will learn that how to write "Essay on Noise Pollution In English For School Students"

Essay on Noise Pollution (300 Words)

Introduction:- There are many types of pollution in the environment, noise pollution is one of them. At present, noise pollution is spreading very fast. Noise pollution arises due to unwanted noise in the environment. Noise pollution is very dangerous for everyone's health.

Sources of noise pollution:- 1) Natural source 2) Artificial source (Human-made)
1) Natural source: Thunderstorm, lightning, strong storm, sea waves etc.
2) Artificial source: Factory noise, motor vehicle noise, aircraft noise, etc.
Picture: Noise Pollution
Effects and Harms of Noise Pollution:-
1) Hearing loss (Deaf)
2) Having heart disease
3) Having high blood pressure
4) Being irritable
5) Lose peace of mind
6) Feeling tired
7) Sleep disturbances
8) Being a victim of mental illness
9) Animals lose their mind control
10) Animals become ferocious

How noise pollution can be stopped:-
1) Noise pollution can be stopped by reducing the noise of the aircraft.
2) Playing of multiple sound horns in motor vehicles should be banned.
3) Factories should be set up at places away from the city.
4) Noise emanating from rail should be reduced.
5) Songs, DJ should not play very loudly.
6) The Use of loudspeakers in public places should be banned.
7) New laws should be made to control noise pollution.
8) Public should be educated and aware to control noise pollution.

Conclusion:- Humans, animals and birds have equal rights on the natural resources of the earth. Subjects related to noise pollution should be included in the textbooks so that the new generation can become aware about the harm caused by noise pollution. We should try to remove noise pollution from the environment, for this we must follow the laws and guidelines made by the government. Noise pollution can be eradicated/stopped from the root with the positive thinking and cooperation of all of us.
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