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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Essay on Christmas Tree In English For Students

Hello my students in this page we will learn that how to write Essay on Christmas Tree In English For Students.

Essay on Christmas Tree (250 Words)

Introduction: Christmas is the holy festival of Christians. The followers of Christianity celebrate 25th December with great pomp with their respective traditions, customs, reverence, devotion and loyalty. On this festival, people of Christianity bring 'Christmas tree' to their house. It is believed that bringing a Christmas tree into the house brings happiness, peace and prosperity. It acquired/gained popularity the Lutheran areas of Germany.

Christmas Tree: One of the major attractions of the Christmas festival is the "Christmas tree". A Christmas tree is a decorated coniferous tree. It can be real or even artificial. It is decorated with candles, chocolates, colorful light bulbs and strips of colored paper etc. The Christmas tree is associated with the faith of the people. Since ancient times, people believe that keeping a Christmas tree in the house increases the life of people and always brings/comes happiness in the house.
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Picture: Christmas
Festival Preparations: Its preparations start a few days before the Christmas festival arrives. People start decorating their homes and churches. The Christmas tree is brought in both the house and the church. Everyone dances, sings and celebrates in front of the Christmas tree.

Conclusion: People who believe in Christianity have a lot of faith on the Christmas tree. They believe that keeping the Christmas tree in the house keeps happiness and peace in the house. Keeping a Christmas tree keeps evil spirits away from the house or evil spirits do not enter the house. Keeping a Christmas tree in the house always brings a flow of positive energy.

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