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Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Visit To A Hill Station Shimla Essay In English For School Students - 300 Words

Hello my student we will learnt that how to write A Visit To A Hill Station Shimla Essay In English For School Students - 300 Words. Essay on A Visit To A Hill Station Shimla is very important for school students.

A Visit To A Hill Station (Shimla)

I like to go to hill stations because it makes me feel refreshed and happy. It was summer vacation in my school, so I planned to visit Shimla with my family, which is the famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is a very beautiful place surrounded by hills. Shimla is one of the attractive tourist places in India.
Picture: Shimla
My parents and my younger siblings were very much eager to go to Shimla. We booked our seats in the bus/train to go to Shimla and left for Shimla. After a few hours of traveling we reached our destination.

My father had booked the hotel before going to Shimla, so we went straight to the hotel from the station. After having lunch at the hotel and taking rest for some time, we booked a cab/car from the hotel itself so that we could explore Shimla well. From the window of the car, there was a wonderful view of mountains of white snow, white clouds in the sky and green trees. We were all delighted to see the beautiful natural scenery spread all around. There was moisture in the air which was giving a very pleasant feeling to our heart and mind.

We got out of the car and went to play with the snow. We were playing with each other by making snow balls there and having fun by hitting each other with snow balls. We also enjoyed ice skating there.

For four days, we roamed in the beautiful valleys and kept on having fun. We all took a lot of pictures of the beautiful hills there and also took our funny pictures. After visiting Shimla for four days, we came back home by train/bus. This trip to Shimla was one of the most memorable moments for all of us.
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