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Friday, July 15, 2022

10 Lines on Meteorite/Meteor In English For Students

Hello everyone we will write 10 Lines on Meteorite/Meteor In English For Students.

10 Lines on Meteorite/Meteor In English

1) A meteorite/meteor is a solid piece of debris from an object.

2) Meteors are seen falling from the sky towards the earth.

3) Meteor is also called ‘Breaking Star’ (Tutata hua Tara).

4) In fact, meteorites/meteors have nothing to do with stars.

5) Meteors mostly burn up as soon as they enter the atmosphere.

Picture: Meteorite
6) The part of the meteor that reaches the earth even after burning is called a meteorite.

7) Meteors can be seen in countless numbers during the night.

8) Meteorites look like balls of fire in the night sky.

9) Meteorites can range in size from a small rock to a large mountain.

10) Meteorites keep moving throughout the universe all the time.

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