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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

10 Lines on Tatya Tope In English For School Students

 Hello everyone we will learn that how to right 10 Lines on Tatya Tope In English language.

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10 Lines on Tatya Tope

1) Tatya Tope was a freedom fighter of India's first freedom struggle.

2) His real name was Ramchandra Panduranga Bhatt.

3) He is also known as "Tiger of Maharashtra".

4) He was born on 16th February 1814 in Maharashtra, India.

5) His father's name was Panduranga Rao Bhatt and mother's name was Rukhmabai.

6) People called him Tatya Tope because of wearing a cap on his head.

7) Tatya Tope took the education of weapons with Lakshmibai and Nana Saheb.

8) Tatya Tope played a major role in the war of 1857.

9) He had stunned the British with his policy and fighting skills.

10) He had stunned the British with his policy and fighting skills.
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