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Friday, May 6, 2022

Essay on Dowry System In English For Students - Dahej Pratha

 Hello Everyone in this essay we will learn that how to write essay on Essay on Dowry System In English For Students - (Essay on Dahej Pratha In English)

Essay on Dowry System (450 Words) 

Introduction: The dowry system is such a bad tradition, which has been going on for centuries. Dowry system is one of the prevalent evils in the society. At the time of marriage, money, property, jewellery and furniture are given by the girl's family to the boy's family, which is called dowry system. The girl and her family are harassed for dowry and this dowry system is spread all over the world.

Pic: Dowry System

Beginning of dowry system: The dowry system was started so that girls can get financial help after marriage and they can live their life properly. But with the changing times, the greed of money has arisen among the people and this dowry system has gradually taken the form of an evil.

Dowry system is a curse: Dowry system is a curse in today's time, because this dowry system has filled the greed of money in people. Even before marriage, a demand for huge property and money is placed on behalf of the boy or the boy's family members. In the affair of giving dowry, the father mortgages or sells his house and land, so that his daughter does not face any problem in the in-laws' house. At present, if the family members of the boy do not get the desired dowry, then the girl is harassed a lot in her in-laws' house. Despite giving dowry in marriage, the girl is harassed in her in-laws' house for giving more dowry, due to which the girl gets upset and commits suicide.

Why dowry system continues: The dowry system is still going on, due to some reasons:-
1) Tradition: The dowry system has been going on in the name of tradition since centuries.
2) Reputation: Dowry is taken and given to create reputation/prestige in the society.
3) Lack of law: Taking dowry is a punishable offense yet people take dowry without fear.

How dowry system can be abolished/ended:- 
1) Education: To end the dowry system, it is very important for the people to be educated.
2)Strict law: If anyone harasses for dowry, then he should be immediately get the harshest punishment under the law.
3) Women Empowerment: Every parent should educate their daughter and make her capable enough to depend on herself. Encourage them to have their own career.

Conclusion: We should raise our voice to end the dowry system and strongly condemn this dowry system. This dowry system causes pain for the girl and her family. To get rid of this evil, the government still needs to make strict laws so that the girl or her family members do not face trouble for dowry. The government and the general public need to stand together to end this dowry system completely.

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