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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Essay on My Favourite Game In English For School Students

Hello Everyone  in this essay we will write "Essay on My Favourite game Kho-kho In English Language.

Essay on My Favourite Game Kho-Kho

Many types of sports or games are played all over the world, but my favorite game is Kho-Kho. I like to play kho-kho game. Me and all my school friends play this game every day during break time. I play this game in the evening also with my friends.
The game of Kho-Kho is being played in India since ancient times. The city of Pune in India is said to be the birthplace of this game. This famous game is mostly played in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, but now this game is becoming very famous in every city of India.

Kho-Kho is a very easy game and there is no danger in playing it. The body needs a lot of agility to play this game. Both men and women can play this game easily. The clay ground is perfect for playing this game, because it does not cause any injury to the players.

Some rules have been made to play this game like there are two teams in this game and each team consists of 9 players and 3 extra players. A field is also required to play this game, in which 4-4 feet high wooden poles are installed on both sides leaving a space of 10-10 feet. A line is drawn between the poles in which the players of both the teams are seated facing/opposite to each other. In Kho-Kho game, as soon as the whistle blows, the player of one team starts catching the player of the other team and if that player catches the other player while running then the player of the other team is out of the game.

By playing this game, brotherhood increases amongst themselves. By playing this game, our mental development is also done along with our physical development. The body always remain healthy by playing this game. That's why Kho-Kho game is my favorite game.

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