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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Essay on Invest In Our Planet - World Earth Day 2023 Theme

Hello my students we will write "World Earth Day 2023 Theme - Essay on Invest In Our Planet". This essay is very helpful for you.)

Invest In Our Planet (600 Words)

Introduction: Earth gives us food, water and shelter. It is very necessary to maintain the natural assets of the earth to continue life on the earth. We must invest to save the planet, so that the coming generations can have a secure future. We can start it on 22nd April on the day of World Earth Day because on this day World Earth Day is celebrated every year all over the world.
Pic: Invest In Our Planet
How we can invest in our planet: Investing in a planet does not mean investing only in gold, silver, business, real estate and diamonds. Rather now we have to invest to save our earth. It is not necessary to invest only by putting money, but in its place we can also invest our precious time, energy, effort and knowledge.
What can we invest on the planet: On World Earth Day, we can invest in the earth/planet through various activities like:-

1) Plant trees: We can plant trees around the house. Do not cut trees and forests. By doing this the environment will always be pure and oxygen will increase.

2) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Using reduce, reuse and recycle, we can develop a circular economy. Stop using plastic bags and bottles.

3) Save water: Water is very essential for life. So save as much as possible.

4) Save electricity: Install solar panels and use LED bulbs to save electricity at home and office.

5) Do not use pesticides and chemicals: Do not use pesticides and chemicals in the field and garden, because it reduces the fertility of the soil.

6) Buy local food and vegetables: Buy food items from the local place because imported food travels around 2000 to 3000 km to reach you, which increases the emission of greenhouse gases and also increases pollution.

7) Build nest or home for birds: Build a nest or home for the birds in your house and garden and keep both food and water in that nest, so that the birds can also be saved.

8) Beach and river cleaning: Participate in beach cleanup, river cleanup and other cleanup campaigns.

9) Eat pure food: Stop eating meat in your diet. Eat more and more green vegetables and fruits.

10) Give environmental education to children: Educate the children about environmental protection and definitely include them in the environmental protection campaign.

History of World Earth Day: World Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. World Earth Day was established by Senator Gaylord Nelson. The first Earth Day was celebrated in America. But from 1990 this day started being celebrated all over the world. In the year 1990, 200 million people from 141 countries participated to make this day a success. The main purpose of celebrating World Earth Day is to spread environmental education and awareness. Today, World Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries. On World Earth Day, everyone helps in protecting the environment by planting trees. On this day people take a pledge to maintain the balance of the earth.

Conclusion: It is very important to maintain the environment and ecosystem on earth. Government, every business, every citizen all have partnership with the planet and it is very important for people to change their way of life to make the planet better. Together we can save the earth from destruction by making our environment clean with our proper/good actions. It is the duty of all citizens to protect the environment of the earth.
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