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Friday, April 29, 2022

Essay on International Labour Day In English - Workers Day - 1st May

Hello my friends we will learn that how to write Essay on International Labour Day In English.

International Labour Day/Workers' Day (250 Words)

The International Labour Day is celebrated on “1st May". It is also known as May Day. This day is dedicated to the working class, who work hard by doing day and night work in different parts of the world and make valuable contributions in the progress of that country. On this day, almost all companies of the country are Closed. Not only in India, around 80 countries in the world have a national holiday on this day. The progress of any country depends on the farmers and workers of that country.
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Pic - International Labaour Day 

The Internationally, the Labour Day commenced on 1st May 1886. A special movement was organized in the Haymarket Chowk of Chicago City, In which the labour unions of the United States has staged a strike that they would not work more than 8 hours at any cost. In the eight-hour movement, about 250,000 workers were involved in 1886. During this strike, a bomb was thrown on the crowd by an unknown person on 4th May. To combat that, the police started firing on the striking workers there, in which many workers died and more than 100 were injured.

In 1889, it was announced at the International Conference that in the memory of the innocent people killed during the movement, every year will be celebrated on May 1st as International Labour Day and on this day all workers will be on leave. At the National Convention of the City of Chicago, the working time for working class (workers) was fixed 8 hours per day. It was a historic decision.

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