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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Essay on Santa Claus In English For Students

Hello everyone in this post we will see Santa Claus Essay In English For Students and this essay is very helpful for you.

Essay on Santa Claus (250 Words)

Introduction: Santa Claus is called the father of Christmas. Santa Claus is also known as St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and Kris Kringle. Children are very happy to see Santa Claus. All the children eagerly wait for Christmas night or the night of 25th December, because on this day Santa Claus comes and gives many gifts to the children.
Santa Claus Pic
Santa's clothes/Costumes: Santa Claus is a chubby, cheerful person. He has a white beard. He wears a red coat with a white collar. He wears a black leather belt at the waist and black shoes on his feet. Santa Claus has a big bag in his shoulder/back, in which he keeps a lot of presents for the kids.

Mode of Life: It is believed or said that he lives in some snowy country in the north. He lives with his wife Mrs. Claus. Many dwarves live with Santa Claus. He enlists the help of his dwarf friend in his workshop, who makes a lot of toys for him. Santa Claus is accompanied by 8 or 9 flying reindeer, who pull his car.

Christmas festival: Christmas is the main festival of Christians. People eagerly wait for the arrival of this festival. Santa Claus brings a bag full of presents (Gift) and gives a lot of presents (Gift) to the children. Children's favorite Santa Claus is seen dancing and singing in front of the children on the night of Christmas festival. On this day everyone dances, sings and celebrates happiness. Everyone likes Santa Claus.
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