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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Essay on Sparrow In English For Students

In this article we will learn that how to write essay on Sparrow Bird n English language.

Essay on Sparrow (400 Words)

Introduction: A sparrow is a member of the genus Passer. Sparrow is a small bird, which look is very beautiful. This is a very agile bird. It is a bird that makes a sweet chirping sound. It is found in all the countries of the world. It is easily visible on the roof and trees around the houses. “World Sparrow Day" is celebrated on 20th March all over the world to save the extinct sparrow bird.

Body structure of sparrow: The color of the sparrow is light brown and white and its eyes are black in color and the feet are brown in color. Sparrow's eyes are round and black. The female bird has brown stripes on its back, while the male bird has a red back. Black spots are found around the eyes of female sparrows, while male sparrows do not have this black spot. It has a strong short beak, which is yellow in color. The feather of the sparrow is light chocolate in color and its entire body is covered with feathers. The length of the bird is about 15 to 17 cm.

Mode of Life & Features: Sparrows love to live and fly in groups. Sparrows generally build their nests in the roof of houses, buildings and bridges etc. It also likes to be around humans. The female sparrow lay 2 to 3 eggs at the time of breeding and its eggs are white and small. The female sparrow gives the energy of her body to her eggs, from which the sparrow baby come out after 20 days. The sparrow flies at a speed of about 38 kilometers per hour. This bird is easily visible in all public places.

Food: Sparrow is an omnivorous bird and it also travels for many kilometers in search of food. It eats flower seeds, grains and insects. Sparrows like to be near water.

Saving Sparrow Species: Today we rarely get to see sparrow, because day by day this bird is becoming extinct. To save the bird, every person should keep a little part in his house for gardening, where there is food and water for the birds in the garden and terrace. To save this rare bird, "World Sparrow Day" is celebrated every year on 20 March all over the world, so that people cooperate in saving this bird.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a sparrow is about 3 to 4 years.

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