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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mahatma Gandhi Gram Swaraj Essay In English - Mahatma Gandhi Gram Swaraj Yojna Essay

In this article we will learn that how to write essay on Mahatma Gandhi Gram Swaraj Essay In English.

Mahatma Gandhi Gram Swaraj Essay 

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Gram Swaraj is the first step of Ram Rajya system. Ram Rajya means a society and village or country full of all happiness. Swaraj is a sacred and Vedic word which means self-rule and self-restraint. Mahatma Gandhi had also given maximum emphasis on gram swaraj for the development of villages. They always believed that the real identity of India is the village itself. According to Gandhiji every village should be self-sufficient/self- reliant and capable.
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Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi for Gram Swaraj:

The village has been the center of the holistic thought and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. According to Gandhiji, Gram Swaraj meant making every village in India independent and self-reliant. They believed that if the villages are destroyed, then India will also be destroyed, because the real identity of India is the village of India. Therefore, to make the villages self-reliant, Gandhiji had emphasized on the Panchayati Raj system. He constantly made people aware to adopt indigenous goods. He encouraged the adoption of Khadi to make the villages self-reliant and also spread the message of boycott of foreign goods. Instead of consuming foreign goods, Gandhi had advised people to produce food grains, milk, fruits, greens, vegetables, cotton and khadi in the village itself for their needs. By doing this the people of the village will be self-sufficient for their livelihood.

Importance and Purpose of Gram Swaraj:

The main objective of Gram Swaraj is to promote social harmony, reach out to poor families, solve all the problems related to education, health, housing and benefit the people who have been deprived of the public welfare schemes of the central government.


According to the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, every village in India should be self-sufficient/self-reliant. The ideal Indian village should be set up in such a way that the village has proper means for farming, schools, hospitals and meeting halls. Such swaraj which does not recognize any caste or religion, but a swaraj which is equal for all, irrespective of caste or religion, which can be availed by every citizen of the village.
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