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Friday, June 4, 2021

Essay on National Bird Peacock in English For Students - The Peacock Essay In English

In this article we will learn that how to write essay on Peacock In English

Essay on Peacock (300 Words)

The peacock is a beautiful bird living in the forest. Peacock is also called the king of birds. It is the national bird of India. The peacock was declared a national bird by the Government of India in 1963. Its scientific name is 'Pavo cristatus'.

The peacock has two beautiful eyes, a long neck, a short crest above the head, two slender legs and colorful feathers. Peacock feathers are very soft. Its neck is purple in color, which looks very beautiful.

The female bird of the species is known as a ‘Peahen’. Peacock is found most in India and Sri Lanka. It is a wild bird, but peacocks often migrate to places with human populations in search of food.

The peacock is very happy during the rainy season. Peacock spreads its wings and dances at the sight of dense black clouds. Everybody is fascinated by seeing the peacock dancing. Its sound is very loud, which can be heard even from 2 kilometers away. Its running speed is around 16 km / hr. `

According to Hinduism, peacock is given high status. In Hinduism, eating and killing peacocks is considered a sin. Peacock feather is placed in the crown of Lord Krishna, which shows how much importance is given to the peacock. In the epic 'Meghdoot', Mahakavi Kalidas has given the peacock the highest position among all birds.

The peacock is an omnivorous bird. It eats grains, vegetables, snakes and insects in its food. The average age of a peacock is 20 to 25 years.

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