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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

10 Lines on Peacock In English For Students

 In this article we will learn that how to write 10 lines on Peacock In English.

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10 Lines On Peacock

1. Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on earth.

2. Peacock is the national bird of India.

3. Peacock has a long beautiful neck.

4. It has lovely colorful feathers.

5. Peacocks are found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Africa.

6. It has a beautiful crest on its head that adds to its beauty.

7. Peacock dances a lot during the rainy season.

8. Peacock eats fruits, grains, seeds, insects and snakes.

9. They generally live in jungles however also seen in the zoo.

10. The average life of a peacock is 25 years.

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