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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Essay on Importance of Games And Sports In English

Hello my viewers in this article we will learn that how to write essay on Essay on Importance of Games And Sports In English

Essay on Importance of Games And Sports (250 Words)

Games and sports are important for every human in life. Games and sports are considered the best means of exercise. They teach us the lesson of cooperation duty and discipline. Sports and games are necessary for the development of physical and intelligence. Games and Sports are a good scope and professional career for today's youth. Games and sports make the students active and fresh. Games and sports also help in character building. Our digestive system works well through sports and games.
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There are two types of games: Indoor and Outdoor games. 

1) Indoor games: Indoors games develop our mind. Indoor games are carom, cards, chess, etc., which we can play at home. Playground is not required for indoor games. It can be played anywhere in the courtyard of the house. Indoor games speed up our brain level. Indoor games are considered the best source of entertainment.

2) Outdoor games or sports: Outdoor games or sports are football, hockey, cricket, tennis etc. which require a playground to play. Outdoor sports are beneficial for our physical development. Outdoor games and sports develop our body and keep us healthy.

Sports and games help in creating mind and physical durability. They give us energy and strength. It keeps us fresh and fit. Those who participate in games and sports along with reading are smart and intelligent. Today's parents understand the importance of games and sports well that sports lead to brain development as well as physical development in children. Children should be allowed to play games or sports of their interest since adolescence.

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