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Saturday, July 25, 2020

If I Were The Prime Minister of India Essay In English

Hello my viewer in this article we will learn that how to write essay on If I Were The Prime Minister of India. 

If I Were The Prime Minister of India (350 Words)

A Prime Minister’s position is very important position. Only a good Prime Minister can take the country on the path of progress. So if I were the Prime Minister of India, my first priority would be to improve the education system in India, my second priority would be to provide bread (roti), clothes and houses to the people and my third priority would be to protect people's lives and property.

1. Improving the education system: My first priority would be to improve the education system in the country, because poverty is the highest due to illiteracy in the country. This will require complete reform of the education system. It would be my main priority that the deserving students should get free education up to collage level without any reservation on the basis of minority, regionalism and caste.

2. Providing bread, clothes and houses: My second priority will be to provide basic amenities, bread (roti), clothes and houses to every citizen of India. I will provide government jobs in India so that people do not have to wander for jobs. New companies will be set up so that people can get more employment. Agriculture will be made better so that agriculture department gets more benefit. People who do not have a home to live. All of them will be given a house by the government.

3. Protecting the life and property of people: My third priority will be my main duty to provide security to people of life and property. I will remove corruption from India. The property of those who harbored terrorists, extremists and separatists will be confiscated. They will soon be prosecuted and given death penalty so that others can learn from it. The attack of another country will be responded to strictly so that no any other country dares to attack our country again. Law and order will be improved. After listening to everyone's problems, that problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Apart from all these, I will establish good relations with all the countries so that in case of trouble, the country can help each other. Discussions will be held with all countries to improve the progress of the country. My aim will always be to make our India a happy and prosperous country.

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