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Saturday, July 25, 2020

If I Were A Doctor Essay In English For School Students

Hello my viewers in this article we will learn that how to write If I Were A Doctor Essay In English.

If I Were A Doctor Essay In English

Every person has a goal in life and I aspire to become a doctor. A doctor is also called another form of God because a doctor gives new life to people. Whenever a person has a disease, it is treated by a doctor. That's why I dream of becoming a doctor. 
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Doctor Pic
If I were a doctor, I would treat everyone with full dedication. I would charge less than my patients. I will not messing up with people's health in the pursuit of earning more money. I will treat the poor for free. Whenever a patient comes to me, I would talk to him lovingly. I will give him full time to tell about his disease and I will treat him with full dedication after listening to all his problems.

I will always keep my clinic or hospital clean so that patients do not have any kind of infection. I will go to the rural areas and treat the poor for free. I will make people aware that do not fall into any kind of superstition. If you have any problems, go directly to the doctor. I will never betray my profession. I will always maintain the respect of a doctor. I will spend my entire life treating patients. I would try to be a role model for another doctor.

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