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Monday, July 6, 2020

Essay on Goat In English

Hello my viewers in this article we will learn that how to write essay on "Goat" In English.

Essay on Goat (150 Words)

The 'Goat' is a very useful and domestic animal. Goats has been used by human as pets since ancient times. It has two eyes, two ears, two horns, a nose, a mouth, four legs and a short tail. Goat is found in almost all countries. They are useful to humans both alive and dead. We get milk from goat. Goat’s milk is very nutritious. Its milk is very beneficial for our health and new-born babies. Even after the goat dies, it is useful to the people because some people eat his meat.

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Goat Picture

Goat is a source of business for farmers and businessman. Goat horns are used to make many items such as goat horns are used to make spoons etc. The domestic goat is about 70–120 cm (28–48 inches). The average weight of a goat is 45–54 kg during adulthood. Goats like to eat grass mostly. The lifespan of goat is around 15 to 18 years.

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