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Monday, July 13, 2020

Essay on Elephant In English For Kids And Students

Hello my friends we will learn that how to write Essay on 'Elephant' In English.

Essay on Elephant (200 Words)

'Elephant' is a huge mammal wild animal. It has two big ears, two small eyes, a long trunk, four legs, a short tail and a very large body. The elephant takes water and food with the help of its long trunk. The elephant has 26 teeth in its mouth and 2 long teeth outside the mouth. The height of an elephant can grow up to 10 feet. Its body skin is thick and sensitive. It is a vegetarian animal. The elephant eats grass-roots, shrubs, fruits-vegetables and bananas etc. Elephant weight around 4,500 to 6000 kg. It is also considered the most powerful animal on earth.

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Elephant Pic

Elephant is a giant animal living in the forest. But still the elephants have been reared by humans since ancient times because elephants are very intelligent, calm and useful animals. Elephants are trained for various tasks. In ancient times, elephants were used by the king in wars. But today, elephants are used to help themselves such as: elephants can pick up heavy goods or wood and carry it from one place to another. Elephant's help is also taken to pull heavy vehicles. 

Though the elephant is a quiet-tempered animal, it becomes dangerous for people when someone harasses or attacks it. The lifespan of an elephant ranges from about 60 to 70. 

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