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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Essay on Dog In English - The Dog Essay

Hello my friends we will learn that how to write essay on dog In English. (150 Words)

Essay on Dog

The dog is a pet or domestic animal. It has two eye, two ear, a mouth, a nose, four leg, sharp teeth and a tail. It is very useful, intelligent and clever animal. It runs very fast, barks very loudly and attacks the strangers. The dogs have many colours such as brown, grey, red, black and white. The body of the dog is small, depending on the breed. It is found in almost all countries of the world. Dog’s child is called a puppy and dog’s house is called a kennel. They are of many kinds such as labrador retriever, german shepherd, poodles and bulldog etc. A dog is very loyal to its owner. Dog obeys owner's command. The homeowner also loves his pet dog.

Essay on Dog In English, Essay on Dog, English Essay on Dog
Dog Pic

Dog has many qualities like swimming, jumping and good smelling sense. A dog has amazing smelling power. With its help, the police easily catch murderers, bandits and thieves. Dogs are also trained to find suspicious objects and hidden bombs. A dog helps protect the house from thieves. Dog likes to eat bread (Roti) and meat. They have a very short lifespan. The lifespan of a dog is about 12 to 15 years. We should take care of the dog.

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