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Monday, July 13, 2020

Essay on Cheetah In English

Hello my friends we will learn that how to Essay on cheetah In English. This essay is very important for school students. 

Essay on Cheetah (250 Words) 

Cheetah is a wild animal. It is the largest animal of the cat species. The cheetah is the fastest running animal on earth. It has a head, two eyes, two ears, a mouth, pointed teeth, four strong legs, and a long tail. The cheetah has thick black spots in the entire body. There are black "tear marks" from the corner of the leopard's eye to the mouth below the nose. Its body is thin, shapely and agile. The cheetah is found throughout Asia. It runs at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The cheetah cannot bend its claws and that is why it cannot climb the tree. It does not have the ability to roar like a lion or tiger. Cheetah hunts mostly in the morning and evening. Its favorite food is deer, reindeer, pigs and rabbits. The cheetah can also be seen in the zoo.

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Cheetah Pic
Male cheetahs are slightly larger in size than female cheetahs and cheetah heads are also slightly larger. A female cheetah can give birth to one to nine cubs.

An adult cheetah weighs between 35 to 65 kg. Its entire body length is 115 to 135 centimeters, while the tail length is 84 centimeters. Cheetahs typically reach 67–94 centimeters at the shoulder. The cheetah has a lifespan of about 20 years

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