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Monday, July 13, 2020

Essay on Cat In English

Hello my friends we will learn that how to write Essay on Cat In English. This essay is very important for school students. 

Essay on Cat (150 Words)

The cat is a domestic animal. People keep a cat as a pet. It has two keen eyes, two small ears, a mouth, four short legs and a bushy tail. A cat's body is completely covered with soft and beautiful fur (short hair). It has very sharp claws and pointed teeth. It looks very beautiful. Cats are found all over the world. Cats are found in many colours such as brown, golden, white and black or any combination of these two three colours. It lives in the streets, rooftops or houses. The cat eats both vegetarian or non-veg food. It usually likes to eat rice, fish, meat, milk, mouse, small birds etc. 

Essay on Cat In English, Essay on Cat, Cat Essay
Cat Picture
A cat can also jump very high and long distances. They can also easily climb trees and walls. It can see in the dark. Cats help protect or saving our home ration from rats. Cats have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years but domestic cats live up to 20 years.

10 Lines Essay on Cat For Kids

1. The cat is a small domestic/pet animal.
2. The cat is found all over the world.
3. It has four short legs, two bright eyes, two ears and a furry tail.
4. Its body is covered with soft and silky hairs.
5. Its claws and teeth are very sharp.
6. It can see in the dark.
7. It can climb a tree quickly.
8. It has a very powerful sense of hearing and smell.
9. It lives on rice, milk, fish and meat.
10. People keep pet cat in their homes.

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