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Monday, June 29, 2020

Essay on Social Distancing - What Is Social Distancing

Hello my friends in this article we will lean that how to write essay on social distancing in english in 300 Words.

Essay on Social Distancing

The entire world including India is currently facing the Coronavirus (Covid-19). So far, more than 5 lakh people have died due to coronavirus epidemic all over the world and the number of infected people has exceeded 10 million. To prevent the spread of this growing coronavirus epidemic, social distance is very important, because this virus spreads rapidly by coming into contact with each other. The whole world, including India, is following social distancing today. It is the duty of every person to maintain social distance so that the coronavirus can be prevented from spreading as quickly as possible. Maintaining social distance with each other can help prevent this epidemic.

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You can follow social distance as follows: 

1. Do not come in contact with another person and a sick person. 

2. Don't go to someone else's house and don't invite any guest to your house right now. 

3. Eat homemade food and avoid eating outside or fast food. 

4. Use caution when going to temple, mosque or any other religious place. 

5. The cancellation of a public event is also part of this. 

6. No one should gather in one place. 

7. Avoid going to social function. 

8. Avoid traveling in bus or train. 

9. Use a face mask whenever going out of the house or talking to someone. 

10. When buying goods in a shop or supermarket, you should keep a distance from each other. 

Everyone should follow the rules of social distancing as much as possible and all the rules and orders made by the government should also be followed. A little carelessness can increase the number of sick people in the family and the country. Therefore, all people should contribute in the effort to end the corona being made by the government, So that the epidemic like coronavirus can be eliminated at the earliest.

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