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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Essay On Global Effects Due To Coronavirus - Covid-19 In English

Essay On Global Effects Due To Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has created a global health crisis which has a profound impact on our world and our everyday lives. Due to the rise of the coronavirus epidemic, many people have lost their lives all over the world and are still dying. The virus first originated in Wuhan city of China and spread quickly throughout the world. This virus has put the whole world in danger. To prevent the virus from growing, the government of all countries put a lockout in their country, so that people do not get out of their homes, because the virus spreads very quickly by coming into contact with each other.

Essay On Global Effects Due To Coronavirus  - Covid-19

All services in the world were discontinued except emergency services to protect people from the coronavirus epidemic. All companies, factories, shops, transportation, domestic and international flights were closed. Even schools, colleges were closed. In a way, the government advised everyone to stay in their homes and work from home. The government issued such a directive to save lives and prevent a pandemic like coronavirus from spreading as quickly as possible.

The people of the country have faced many difficulties due to the closure of all these services:

1. All companies are running at a loss.

2. Job vacancy closed for people.

3. The company is unable to pay its employees salary.

4. Some companies are expelling workers from their company.

5. Many people lost their jobs.

6. People can't come and go anywhere.

7. People can't meet their relatives.

8. Poor people depend on government schemes.

9. People will have to work from home until the lockdown and pandemic subsides.

10. Due to lack of money, people are forced to take loans from the bank and their relatives.

Due to the rising outbreak of Coronavirus in the country and the lockout in the country, the country's government has also lost a lot of economic assets. The country's progress has stalled/stopped for some time due to the corona virus.

Recently, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has observed that the global economy envisages less than 2% for this year (2020) which would probably cost $ 1 trillion.

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