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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Essay on Corona Warriors In English

Hello dear, In this article we will learn that how to write essay on Corona Warriors In English Language

Essay on Corona Warriors

Those who serve people selflessly in difficult times are called Corona warriors. Today the whole world is facing an epidemic like corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the corona virus an epidemic. Corona virus is also known as Covid-19. Corona infection is spreading rapidly worldwide. Millions of people have lost their lives due to this corona virus and thousands of people are still dying every day. But so far no country has succeeded in making medicines to prevent epidemics like Corona virus.

essay on corona warriors in english
Pics of Corona Warriors

The Department of Health believes that care and awareness can prevent epidemics like corona infection. Today the real hero of the entire world is the Corona Warriors, who is protecting people from being corona infected. Doctors, police, cleaners around the world, including India, are putting themselves at risk to prevent the spread of corona infection and treat corona-infected people as soon as possible. The Corona warriors are working day and night to eradicate the epidemic. Corona warriors stay away from their family members even after finishing their duties.

There are many Corona warriors who are unable to go to their homes even after the work is over and people are serving people day and night, treating them, and delivering food to the poor. Corona warriors have sacrificed their lives while performing their duties. We should honour all those Corona warriors who are serving people by risking their lives in this time of crisis. Every citizen of the country greets them with heartfelt gratitude.

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