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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Essay on My Favourite Book Ramcharitmanas / Ramayana

Hello my friends In this article we will learn that how to write Essay on My favourite book Ramcharitmanas / Ramayana. This Essay is very helpful students.

My Favourite Book Ramcharitmanas / Ramayana

I like reading books and I have read a lot of books too. But Ramcharitmanas / Ramayana is my favourite book, which I keep reading from time to time. It is a religious book that helps to make us good and holy. It is an epic in Sanskrit written by Valmiki and is presented in beautiful Hindi poetry by saint poet Tulsi Das. This book is full of devotional songs apart from the principles of social knowledge. It contains the life story of Rama, who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This book has impressed me the most.
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Pic of Ramcharitmanas Book
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This book is full of ideals. The book depicts an ideal father and an ideal son. Rama was the son of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya. He followed his father's orders, he went to exile with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana for 14 years. During the exile, Sita was abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka. After that Lord Rama invaded Lanka and defeated Ravana and Sita returned to Ayodhya with Lakshmana. This war was the victory of good over evil. The Ramayana teaches us many lessons. This book teaches us to be a good son, good husband, good brother and a good person.

From the examples given in the book, we learn how we should treat our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, enemies, teachers and elders. Even how lower caste people should be treated. In a way, we can call this book the world's best book of character-building. That is why I like reading this book very much and we all must read this book of Ramcharitmanas. I am proud of this holy book.\

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  1. Wow! I have read many books, but I have never seen a book like the Ramayana. Honestly speaking, I have read it more than 10 times, but it always feels like I am reading it for the very first time because every time I find something interesting here. I must say, thanks for reminding me. I am going to read it today after handing over my essay to any Law Essay Writer Uk who can complete it by today.

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